Smoked Grown-Up Pigs in a Blanket Recipe



2lb package of pre-cooked sausage
1 can packaged biscuit dough


  1. Separate biscuits.
  2. Cut sausage into 4 inch links.
  3. Spread biscuit dough into width of link, making sure to be long enough to overlap ends.
  4. Roll sausage link in dough and slice into 1 inch sections.
  5. Place into non-stick muffin pan.
  6. Turn Grill + Finish Element on high and place nonstick muffin pan onto 3rd Grill + Finish wire-rack placement and smoke for 12 minutes or until dough has browned.
  7. If using Propane, Smoke at 350°F for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

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